Risk assessment through 03/31/2017 12:00 am

Total Severe Risk
Predicted Impact Level

Severe weather on Sunday looks to mostly miss Kansas. A few tornadoes are possible in central and southern Oklahoma, but that is highly dependent on return of Gulf moisture. Meanwhile some areas of Kansas are likely to receive a couple inches of rain over the next week.

Severe Weather Awareness 2017:
The Rain came Down, the ...

Flash flooding is consistently one of the top storm-related killers each year. In 2016, floods closed many roads in Sedgwick, Sumner, Cowley and Butler counties following a couple of very heavy thunderstorm complexes in the late summer, and one person died. Simple action can save your life the next time you encounter high water.

Severe Weather Awareness 2017

Time to get ready for severe weather season in Kansas, starting with the annual Severe Weather Awareness Week. Get started a bit early...kind of like the season...with interesting information about the WSR-88D. It's the weather service's eye on the sky.

Behind the Front, Increasing Fire Risk

Wind will pick up across southeast Kansas this afternoon in the wake of the front which is expected to fire off severe weather to our east. This combined with dry fuels will increase the risk of rangeland fires.

Photos of Old and New sirens in Salina Kansas, taken 2/13/17 2

New Outdoor Warning Sirens in Salina

The City of Salina is replacing its Cold War-era warning sirens with a modern system that allows sirens to be sounded for only the part of town under a warning. I speak with Saline County Emergency Manager Hannah Stambaugh about the system and why they're so excited to have it.