Risk Assessments not produced in the Winter

Marquette KS EF-4 tornado April 14, 2012

Salina CLASS: Intro to Storm Tracking

Severe weather is a fact of life on the plains. By understanding why certain conditions are more prone to see storms form than others you can have some heads up on the days you need to be weather-aware. By understanding how storms form and their lifecycle you can know what's going on when you see storm clouds billow -- and you can anticipate what you might need to do to stay safe.

Severe Weather Season Starts Soon

If this year is typical, we'll be seeing severe weather in Kansas in the not-too-distant future. My usual first chase date is about six weeks from now, and we're four weeks away from the annual Severe Weather Awareness Week across Kansas.


Four Unexpected Lessons from CERT Class

A few years ago I took Butler County's CERT training Class. Four things stood out for me, because they were unexpected. For instance: CPR has no role in a disaster.

I’m Going Out in Search of Myself. If I Come ...

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