When We Plan to Chase, Here’s What You Can Expect

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The KSStorm chasing team all have media background, in addition to the chase-related skills each of us bring to the team. Because of that, we intend to give you a consistent publishing schedule in relation to each storm system. We believe it will help you know better what’s coming, so you can effectively prepare yourself and the other important people and things in your life. We understand not everyone has the time, desire, or interest level in weather we do, and we’re targeting our content with that in mind.

When a storm system impacts Kansas our Facebook fan page, tweet stream, and this site will always strive to offer the essential information you need to protect life and property. The essentials will always be free.

For those who are interested in the detailed thinking behind our forecasts, how we’re approaching the chase for an upcoming system, and a variety of live-streaming (including text-based and live audio/video chat), we have setup a membership program. Here too, we’ve made the things that will interest most people 100% free. There are paid levels for those who want the really detailed (and, for us, time-intensive) items. Please check them out here.

What info can I expect from KSStorm before a system?

We chase in the general area you see in our logo: bounded by I-40 and I-80 on the north and south, the last tier of counties in Eastern Colorado and US-63 in Missouri on the west and east. The full content list below applies to the entire state of Kansas and Oklahoma north of US-60. When/if we chase outside that area we may not produce all the content below. 


  • A weekly forecast outlook released on Monday, effective for the week ending the following Sunday night. The outlook will include the day/date you can expect to see forecast threads specific to each system (no less than days before a system is to impact Kansas).
  • Three days before the system impacts: a chase target brief describing the general area we plan to chase (an area of about 1/3 to 1/2 of a state).
  • Two days before the system impacts: An overview forecast identifying the specific risk areas and storm modes. This is high-level info, without much in the way of charts and graphics, but including enough data you can make informed plans if needed. The targeting brief will narrow down the target to about a 75-mile circle…6-8 counties usually — when the models are supportive of doing this.
  • Morning, one day before system impacts: a heads-up to any changes from the forecast the previous day. We’ll narrow the target downtothe 75-miecircleby this time,at the latest.
  • Evening, day before system impacts: We’ll identify, if we haven’t done so already, our planned jumping-off point and time, along with the general area we expect to see the highest impact.
  • Morning of the system’s arrival: forecast initiation location and time frame, storm movement, and the counties we expect to be in while chasing that day.
  • During the chase: selected photos posted to the website, a few posted exclusively on the fan page. Live stream
  • After the chase: we’ll post many of our photos 24-48 hours after the chase, depending on the situation.

Enhanced content for members:

  • Day 2 Forecast post includes several graphics and detailed explanations, as well as the places our forecast differs from what you may be hearing elsewhere.
  • Day 2 Target Brief includes an analysis of the potential chasing strategies available to us and the risk factors for the communities in the target area.
  • Day 1 Target Briefs include the challenges we expect to face and the specific risks those in the target area should be preparing for.
  • Day of event Target Brief will include ciities/towns and our forecast timing for the event in the locations we identify.
  • During the chase: additional live streams, text-based live chat, audio/video live chat (based on member level)
  • Post-chase: paid members receive immediate access to our photos and video when they are uploaded. A chase summary (text, audio + photos, or video depending on membership level), available the day  after the chase. 
  • Other bonus items: audio or video podcasts, chase day video forecast/targeting discussion

We hope you’ll consider membership. Please email us, [email protected] if you have any questions.

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