Allen King Comes Clean

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This morning, Public Works Director Allen King reported to the city council concerning the city’s response to the recent storm. Because of time, space and other stories going on, the mass media will not be able to bring you the entire contents of this report, just some highlights. My passion is the intersection of weather and safety, and this format allows me to give you all the data you need to make your own, informed decision.

This clip is about 20 minutes — I could only capture audio off the City Council’s stream this morning, so the images are kind of boring 🙂

Merging what Alan King says with what I’ve learned so far, there is not a single lie in this report. And just to be clear, if you thought earlier I was saying Joe Pajor lied, that is a wrong impression. But there’s a reason a witness in a court case is sworn to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” According to the information I’ve learned (and am still confirming), Mr. King and Mr. Pajor are telling the truth, but they are leaving out parts and glossing over parts with partially-accurate terminology. In other words, the politician’s truth.

Also, I do owe Joe Pajor an apology. I mistook Joe as the manager responsible for the decisions as to what to apply to the streets, when to plow, and other tactical decisions. I have since learned he is not the person who makes the decision. I’m told it’s a three-person decision made by mid-level administrators.

So, Joe, I apologize for my “put up or shut up” comment and the assertion you should lose your job. I still believe the “Snow Gods,” as I’ve been told they’re called by some, bear culpability in this matter. It is my hope your department will identify those people first, and when the facts come to light about exactly what and why certain actions were taken in the early hours of the storm that appropriate disciplinary action will be meted on the individuals responsible.

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