Once You Get Past the Sesationalism…

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I might disagree some with the title “Freak “S” shaped storm unleashes biblical rain in Pensacola, Mobile” and some of the language used to describe the rainfall, but the explanation of the why it happened is quite good.

Very interesting photos and graphics with this one. This system is responsible for the deadly tornadoes in the South and for our chilly few days.

Unusually intense high pressure over Canada and low pressure over the central U.S.  see left panel in image above have formed an extreme pressure couplet around which the weather has flowed center and right panels.  Along the southern flank of this massive weather system, near-historic quantities of moisture has been drawn out of the Gulf of Mexico – setting the stage for the extraordinary rain totals.

via Freak “S” shaped storm unleashes biblical rain in Pensacola, Mobile.

(Featured image is from a week ago today in Clark County)