A Better Weather Alert And More

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While weather warnings, and particularly alerts to your mobile device, have improved drastically in recent years, the state of technology in most of the location-aware apps have one limitation:

If any point in a warning polygon is within your desired distance, you get the alert. I live in Haysville and routinely get warnings for northern Butler or Harvey counties.

Those warnings do only one thing: TICK ME OFF.

A warning should only alert my phone if my phone is IN the warning polygon AND the storm is moving my direction. If I drive into a warning, I should get the alert THEN.

What about other hazards?

As far as I can tell, there is not an All Hazards alert app.

Enter GeoLert.


We’re in the early development of the app this weekend as part of Startup Weekend Wichita (https://wichita.startupweekend.org)

We also need your help. Would you take 3 minutes to answer our 8-question survey? We need to know we’re on target.

3 Minute Suvey: https://aytm.com/r2089a4

Thank you so much!