Gettin’ by with a Little Help from A Friend

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New Information Friday 7/24/14: Transportation for Wound Care | Benefit Fund Information | Donated Item Dropoff in Pratt

As those who follow my Facebook page know, I am friends with Don Grier, who was burned in a house fire that destroyed the family home on Monday morning. Don and his father Jack were the only occupants of the house. Both were taken to the Pratt hospital, then Don was airlifted to the Via Christi St. Francis Burn Center. He has second-degree burns nearly the circumference of his left arm and hand and lesser burns on a good portion of his right arm and hands, along with what appears to be a very bad sunburn on his face. He was released home from the hospital yesterday (07-22-14). Jack remains in the hospital at the moment for treatment of a previously-existing medical issue.

The house was nearly completely consumed by the fire, which took hours to bring under control. Here’s video of what it looked like yesterday afternoon:

Yes, they’ve lost everything. I’m not sure about Jack, but to my knowledge this is the only home Don has known (except for college).

I’m setting up this page as the central hub for whatever assistance efforts any friends, fraternity brothers, churches or community members may wish to take.

If you would like to link to an event, fund, or whatever you’d like to do to help, please email me, [email protected], and I will get it added to the page.

Fri, July 25:

[stag_icon icon=”automobile” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”no”] Don needs daily transportation from the farm to the wound care clinic at Pratt Hospital. Please contact Sue Hemphill at 620-388-5650

Take Them A Meal – Please see important information on that page.

Clothing:  I do not know Jack’s sizes. Don’s: 2XL shirts, 42/32 pants (sweat pants or elastic waist shorts would be best now due to difficulty buttoning pants), 12 narrow shoes. He will need a pair of work boots when he is ready to try to do any salvage that might be possible, all he has right now are a pair of tennis shoes.

Cards, letters of support: 90383 E US 54, Pratt, KS 67124

[stag_icon icon=”dollar” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”no”] Money donations: Send to

The Peoples Bank
ATTN: Kris Adelhart
222 S Main
Pratt, KS 67124

Note Grier Benefit Fund on the memo line.

[stag_icon icon=”shopping-cart” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”no”] Donated Items may be dropped off with Kris Adelhart at the Peoples Bank.

The Pratt Chamber of Commerce office has offered a place to drop off and to spread the word on help needed or provided. Also, they are next door to the Red Cross and items can be left there, too. The Hope Center is ready to provide needed items.


Thank you in advance. We all get by with help from a friend every once in a while…and some of us have the misfortune to need the help of a whole lot of friends. Whoever gives even a little, thank you.


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