There is No Such Thing as a Professional Chaser

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I can’t agree with Scott more. Things have been getting ridiculous lately!

Seriously, those of you who follow the page and are amateur chasers…please STAY HOME today. If i get baseball hail thru my windshield because I’m in a traffic

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  • Matt Sellers Don’t know about this. Any chaser should expect to see that kind of hail at some point in their travels and expect to lose a windshield once or twice… or more. Or many more… no matter how “safe” or how close they try to get.
  • Darin Brunin If he’s that worried, he should just stay home and keep his car in a garage.
  • Matt Sellers I’d love to put out my Vibe’s already-cracked windshield in a “blaze of glory” in a big hailer. If it’s because I’m in the wrong spot – so be it.


  • Eddie Aldrine It’s not the hail that he’s trying to make a point about. It’s about the roads being busy as hell with people who don’t need to be out there due to safety reasons.
  • Darin Brunin Well, I just personally love it when chasers start throwing out battle royale threats because of their own deemed self importance.
  • Matt Sellers Chaser beats up a resident of some small Kansas town because they got in their way and resulted in the chaser’s windshield being lost to hail. Just what we need.
  • Molly Bailey I agree. Scott is a very experienced and seasoned chaser and he has definitely had his share of broken windshields. As i will be the one driving for him today i will personally move the rubbernecking t-shirt wearers (gees I’ve been with a firefighter wSee More
  • Matt Sellers They also don’t go putting out threatening posts like that on a medium that is widely-used by peers and while the intent is typically known… it’s just one of those things you don’t post. I’d be in Kansas now if I could right along with y’all and I wish you well. Just let the hail beat you up and not fists.
  • Molly Bailey Wow Darin Brunin how did you get that out of a guy being concerned about people’s safety?? Scott is a VERY good chaser and has concern for the people in his vehicle. He ALWAYS takes responsibility for the safety of everyone with him VERY seriously and See More
  • Matt Sellers ^ I’ll give you that. Just be safe out there and if you see big hail… film that shit.
  • Gene Yates Here is the thing we(chasers) don’t own the road so we need to qui acting like we do before we get others killed cause we feel like people should move for us. This is why chasers are getting a bad name. Now I don’t know Scott or anything but quit thinking a out y’all’s own safety think about everyone’s safety. But I agree putting out a post like that is a little on the dumb side.
  • Molly Bailey Good lord people, y’all are taking this post WAY out of context and blowing it WAY out of proportion! I’m more likely to throw a punch than Scott ever would be. One of the reasons I’m always driving is because I’ve known Scott for several years now andSee More
  • Darin Brunin Scott or anyone in your vehicle can be the best and safest chaser in the world, good on you, I don’t care. It’s about saying it “may get physical” that rubs me the wrong way. There’s no need to threaten violence towards anyone on the road because they have just as much right to be out there as you or I.
  • Eddie Aldrine I’ll let ya know one thing, Gene. If a swath of people get seriously injured or killed because the roads are clogged with people who have no reason, it’s going to come back on us chasers because the general public think they’re chasers too. They createSee More
  • Gene Yates I was speaking in general. But it doesn’t matter if you raced or not I race to but doesn’t give me a right to run someone off the road. And in all honesty you have yourself to blame for getting in that spot you know people will be there so why risk going to that spot you as the driver decided to go there others didnt say hey come here and sit in traffic.
  • Molly Bailey EXACTLY Eddie Aldrine! Y’all are taking things way too literal here. Chill out. I’m sure you’ve never said anything like that to anyone or over exaggerated anything ever
  • Eddie Aldrine Maybe because Scott and I are actually working for a TV station when we chase, and not chasing for pleasure or monetary purposes like most of the other “professional” chasers chase for.
  • Gene Yates No I’m not arguing that point there at all Eddie I’m just saying we need to out smart others im all for safety. I just think we have to understand things have changed before we get ourselves in a spot we shouldn’t be.
  • Darin Brunin Sweet…Wichita TV station car ramrod out for duty, sir. Try to push someone off of the road or even threaten it. For as professional as you claim you are, that’s bush league.
  • Molly Bailey Where did i say i was going to run someone off the road?? I was stating that i can simply out maneuver someone. I don’t have the need to use my fists. I guess i was unclear on the point i was trying to make.
  • Darin Brunin “I’m not above pushing someone out of the way” Seriously, get over yourself.
  • Darin Brunin and it doesn’t matter if you physically push a car or use some kind of maneuver to force them aside or whatever. That is reckless.
  • Molly Bailey I’m going to end this NOW. Y’all are taking things out of context and way too f’ing literal just for the sake of starting shit. Try knowing someone personally before making a personal attack. I’m a smartass it’s what i do. Don’t like it? Go cry in the See More
  • Darin Brunin Threatening people on the internet is childish, just so you know. I don’t know you so there’s nothing personal from my end. It’s just ridiculous that you’d post something on the internet like this and then tell people not to take it too literally, when there’s obviously one way people are going to interpret it.
  • Molly Bailey I’m calling Scott right now to straighten all this crap out and if i have to i will delete it myself since I’m an admin.
  • Eddie Aldrine Thanks for blowing this up folks
  • Molly Bailey My bad. I apologize Eddie, was not my intention. Good luck to those chasing today and be safe!
  • Scott Roberts Here’s my one and only response to this thread….
  • Eric B’Hymer I was going through my facebook model data and i see this. Cant we all just get along. Leave the fights to the Boys in Blue #Kansas City Royals
  • Scott Roberts Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fat old guy. If anything gets physical, I’m the one who will end up going to the hospital…I haven’t thrown a fist in 40 years! The known hotheads in the group, get your panties out of the wad they are in and let’s go out and chase these storms, give our data to the warning decision makers, and get safely home without clobbering ourselves or others.
  • Matt Sellers Just get out there and be safe, have fun, and film that shit.
  • Eric B’Hymer Please find a nader for me since i cant chase today.
  • Matt Sellers Neither can I… watching an incoming snowstorm that could get nasty for our mountain territories. Your severe outbreaks start here in southern CO… lol.
  • Darin Brunin Like I said, nothing personal. I just wish I could read my FB wall while getting ready for a chase, without seeing things like the last part of that status. If you disagree with me and think it’s fine, oh well. Good luck to you too.
  • Eddie Aldrine Darin you’re such a jerk! Haha
  • Darin Brunin People would probably think so sometimes at face value, I suppose. Jerk on!

I’m not about to take back the meaning behind my words, although I am not the kind of person that’s going to beat up (or even threaten) another person over property damage. As I said earlier, I should have chosen a different way to express myself.

But that is NOT the Point…

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