Help Wanted: Disaster Exercise Volunteers

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When a natural or man made disaster strikes many individuals and families are affected.  With this in  mind Butler County CERT, Red Cross, and United Way of the Plains are Collaborating in a training exercise.

This exercise will be on September 26th at 9:00am at the 4H Building 206 N Griffith in El Dorado.  We will be practicing volunteer management, sheltering and reunification of  separated family members.

We are in need of individuals, couples and families, young and old, to be sheltered by the Red Cross.  This will help the Red Cross with honing their sheltering skills.    This is a great opportunity to see what happens in a disaster shelter.

Butler County CERT will be setting up a volunteer reception center and accounting for all volunteers that come to help at a disaster.  Butler County CERT has worked with the United Way of the Plains with managing  volunteers at the Chapman Tornado and the Oaklawn Tornado.  This exercise will be an excellent way to see how a volunteer reception center works.

We hope you will consider helping us with this exercise.  You will go through the accountability area and receive an ID badge and then be taken to an area to be brought into the Red Cross Shelter.

If you can help us please call Don Smith at 316-323-0236 and leave a message.

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