A big thanks to everyone who pointed me to resources for an engine for the StormBurban! With your help I have gotten arrangements made, and a new (to me) engine will be put in the truck next week.

I should get many more miles from the truck afterward, as I’m replacing an engine with 264,500 miles with one that has about 98,000 miles.

I have some specific thank you’s, and in the case of the two businesses, recommendations:

Photo fo Curtis PetersFirst, to Curtis Peters (Facebook) — thank you for stepping up within hours and offering to help with the installation! You were also a great resource as I learned more about the various options available when it comes to replacing an engine.

As it turned out, the place I was hoping to do the work went out of business, and it quickly became obvious it would be a better solution to get my regular mechanics to do the job than to try to do it myself.


I am purchasing the motor from Sandlian Iron and Metal (Facebook | Website), at 29th Street N and Hoover. They were recommended by one of the commenters in my earlier post, and I found in their online parts search they had just what I needed. The engine will be back on the road less than two months after the donor vehicle, a 2006 Silverado, was wrecked. The price they offered on the engine was amazing for an engine with under 100,000 miles. I saw the motor before committing to purchasing it, and there is no apparent damage to it from the wreck.

I’ve used¬†Trinity Auto Service (Facebook | Website) for 17 years now. They’ve handled all the maintenance and repair on four chasing vehicles and the other cars and trucks we’ve had since 2001. I cannot recommend a shop more highly than I do Trinity. I trust Jerry and Mike implicitly and have never been led to the wrong solution, and they always deliver on their promises. Because of the safety needs in the chasing vehicles we often upgrade to lifetime-warranty parts, and because they are members of a nationwide shop network, we can get warranty service done on the truck about anywhere. If you don’t have a long-term relationship with a shop you trust, call Trinity today!



Sandlian’s will deliver the motor to Jerry on Monday. I’ll take the StormBurban in when I get off work early Tuesday morning. Jerry and Mike have promised me it will be ready for me by Thursday afternoon — so I won’t have any difficulties getting back and forth to work next week. There’s a lot of blessing in the past 48 hours, and I’m very grateful. Things have gone from extremely stressful to hopeful in this short time thanks to these folks and others who have helped out!