If you’ve followed the site for long, you know I don’t post much from the personal side of life. Since this is something that stands to affect how active I am this storm season, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me the indulgence…

The StormBurban has seen a lot of storms, and a lot of miles. In three and a half years over 100,000 miles have rolled under her tires. At 263,000 or so miles, the engine is about to give up the ghost. A lifter has been ticking for about a year and a half — we’ve gotten many more miles out of it by frequent oil changes and using Lucas additive in the warm months. In the last few weeks it is exhibiting signs of valve sticking — knock sensor, rough running, etc. For a number of reasons, replacing the ride is out of the question right now, as is a rebuilt engine. That leaves a used engine as the other option.

Here’s the deal: I’ve found one on eBay, but I’d rather do business with someone in Kansas. That’s where you come in. If you know a salvage yard operator, could you call them Monday (3/11/18) and see if they have an engine that matches the following? (I’d also consider buying a wrecked Silverado, Yukon or Suburban with a matching engine, if anyone is looking to sell one.)

  • For a 2005 Suburban LS 2-wheel drive (Flex Fuel)
  • VIN Code is X
  • 5.3 liter
  • L59 is another code associated with this engine
  • I believe any 2003-2005 (X VIN code) engine code will match — maybe even 1999-2007, I’m not sure.

I’d prefer to go with the flex-fuel engine, but if the only thing I can find is the non-flex (LS9), I may have to go that way.

I’m willing to come get it, but I’m not sure I can get help to pull it from the donor vehicle. I’m not asking for breaks on price, just help finding a decent engine or drivetrain at a decent price.

If you know of one, please call me at (316) 226-9050 or email [email protected]

And thank you in advance!