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This event is going to start earlier in the day. The high-resolution rapid refresh models are consistent with initiation to the southwest edge of the box below by 1-2pm. We’re not leaving Wichita until 1, so the plan is to get west as quick as we can. The storms are forecast to develop a little differently, starting in the southwest and zippering up the line toward the surface triple point not too far from where it was last night. (The more common formation is that storms zipper down the dryline, northeast to southwest, like the isolated cells did last night.)

A note about this target box: it outlines where I plan to aim as an initial target. The line of storms is forecast to push east, and the Wichita metro appears to be at risk starting about 6 or 7pm. I’d watch the southern ends of any line segments, or the south end of the line itself, for the chance of tornado development. I don’t think night-time tornadoes are quite the worry I had this time yesterday. But if a well-formed storm which is producing a tornado is going at or shortly after sunset, for a couple of hours there could be an strengthening trend.

Live streams available by 2pm on — the Zoom Radar and MyRadar apps, and for KSStormInfo Insiders, the Facebook live stream with audio should also be up by around 2pm.