Hi, Home Team!

Since I don’t have everyone’s email address, I figured this might be the best way to give you the full information on the upcoming At the Movies series that starts right after first of the year. The most complete information is in these two emails Jarred distributed to Home Team leaders late last week and this morning.

It’s my thought that the At the Movies series would be a good one to be in sync with church leadership on. We can also return to the Revelation study we were doing before the holidays if that is the group conscience…but I have a sense there is some gold nuggets to be had for our group in this series. Please respond back to our group text with your thoughts!

Bottom line: whether we are in sync with the church on this series or not, the room reservation for our group is being canceled for January 9th and they want us to participate in the build event that night. There will be no Wednesday night programming (Awanas or Middle School Ignite) and no child care except for those who volunteer to help with the build.

What are your thoughts about meeting at someone’s house on the evening of January 4th (Friday) and watching Top Gun together? Would someone be able to host?

Have a blessed Christmas and some REST between the holidays!

At The Movies

We are excited for the upcoming At The Movies series beginning on January 12th and 13th. During this series we will watch clips from movies during the weekend service and unpack biblical truths during the message. This has always been our top attended series of the year and even more importantly it has been a draw for unchurched people to come to Pathway and experience Jesus. We talked about this at the Home Team leaders meeting but I know not everyone could make it.

This year our At The Movies is going to be different in a HUGE way! We are planning on building large family friendly sets in the building, have live costume characters interacting with families, special items for children, many photo opportunities and much more. You might ask why? The reason is that we believe this effort will encourage many, many unchurched people to visit Pathway during the 4 week series, experience Jesus and be changed by His hope and good news. Our theme the Westlink Campus has chosen for the inside of our building is Avengers. I can’t share all the details what we are planning will have amazing items hanging from the ceiling, in the bay windows and will fill up the east atrium, west atrium, The Cafe and other areas. It is going to be awesome!

I hope you are as excited as I am! Home Teams will play a huge role in helping this be successful. I will send out an email next week on what your group will be studying during this series. For now, below is the biggest way you can help.

Volunteer With Your Home Team!

We have had teams planning, dreaming and building some of the projects above. They will continue to make progress between now and At The Movies. Then, between January 6th and January 11th we will be setting up all of these projects in the church as well as teams to take down after the series. We are needing to engage 200+ volunteers to help make this happen. You and your Home Team are greatly needed to help.

  • Click HERE to volunteer as an individual. There are many days/times available for you to choose from. You can also let us know what skills you have that would help. Talk to your group, cast the vision and encourage everyone to sign up to help.
  • I would highly encourage you to try to volunteer on the same night with your Home Team. This could be a great way to build deeper relationships. If you are a Wednesday Home Team, then volunteer on that Wednesday night as a group instead of a regular meeting. Same with other days of the week.
  • However, some people may be led to volunteer on multiple nights or different nights depending on their schedule. That is great as well!

Home Team Changes 1/6-1/12

At The Movies is an all hands on deck project for the staff at Pathway Church and we hope many volunteers engage as well. Due to that we are cancelling all programming the week of January 6th – January 12th with a few exceptions. Read below for more details.

  • High School Ignite will still be on schedule for Sunday, January 6th. However, after the worship and message they may volunteer while setting up Avengers items.
  • From Sunday, January 6th to Saturday January 12th we will cancel all room reservations at Pathway Church for Home Teams. We encourage you to help us set up for the series. This also frees our custodian staff to help us as well.
  • We highly encourage your Home Team to not meet that week. Instead we want you to come and help on the build nights.
  • We will be offering childcare for volunteers helping with the builds on 1/6 and 1/9. Childcare will be for birth through age 5. You can have your elementary age kids and up volunteer with you. Childcare is only for volunteers. We will not be offering it for Home Teams that week. You will receive a link to register for childcare after you register for the build nights.
  • We will NOT have Awana or Middle School Ignite programming on Wednesday 1/9 so plan accordingly.

I hope you will join us in praying that At The Movies is a series that will bring many people to connect with Jesus at Pathway Church. I also hope you will help to motivate your Home Team to join us in preparing for all our guests in January. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is the email from today, with details about the series:

At The Movies

We covered most of this in our last Home Team leaders meeting. However, I know some were unable to make it and I wanted to get you the information. Beginning on Jan. 12 & 13th we will begin a 4 week series entitled At The Movies. You received an email last week casting vision on the exciting Avengers sets we will have inside the church. During the At The Movies series we watch clips of movies during the message and pull out biblical truths from them. I am pretty pumped for the movies this year as they are some of my favorite movies from the 80’s. Here are the movies for this series.

  • January 12th &13th: Top Gun
  • January 19th & 20th: E.T.
  • January 26th & 27th: Field of Dreams
  • February 2nd & 3rd: Back to the Future

Watch the Movies in Your Group

We are trying something new this year during our At The Movies series and we hope you go on the journey with us. Instead of the regular Home Team meetings we are wanting you to follow the schedule below.

  • Week 1 (1/6-1/12): Volunteer you and your Home Team to help during the Avenger build nights. See previous email for more details.
  • Week 2 (1/13-1/19): Watch E.T. in your Home Team. It is 2 hours so plan accordingly.
  • Week 3 (1/20-1/26): Watch Field of Dreams. It is 1 hour and 47 minutes.
  • Week 4 (1/27-2/2): Watch Back to the Future. It is 1 hour and 56 minutes.
  • Week 5 (2/3-2/9): Meet and discuss the biblical truths from the movies.

We will provide you a document for the series where you can write down biblical truths and take notes as you watch the movie. You will then use this and the weekend messages during your week 5 meeting when you discuss the movies. *Note: Some scenes in the movies may inappropriate language or actions. These will not be shown during the weekend message but if you are watching the movies in your groups then you will see it.


Why are we doing this? Why are we watching movies in groups when we could be studying something else? Great questions. Here is the “why”.

  • Life change happens in Home Teams. We have all experienced it or have seen it. We have over 1,000 people in Home Teams in the Westlink Campus. That is awesome! We also have hundreds of adults not in a group where they can grow and be cared for. We are on a mission to change this! We believe that watching movies in groups will allow the opportunity for your group to grow and add new people. The typical guy may not check out a group to talk about “church stuff”, but then they could be interested in having a fun night and watching Back to the Future. Inspire your group to start inviting people to check out your group during this series and then see what Jesus does in their life. Personal invitation is the best way to grow a group.
  • Invite, Invite, invite! This is a great series to invite the person you have been sitting next to during service to check out your group. Invite the person you volunteer with to check out your group. Invite the person who attends Pathway and you know they are not in a Home Team to check our your group. Invite the unchurched person in your life to check out your group. This may be there first step before ever attending a church. This invitation is more than a chance to watch a movie with them it could be the invitation that leads to life change through Jesus.
  • You have spoken and we have listened. We have received feedback that you wish you would have watched the movies before the weekend message. This give you a great opportunity. If you watch a movie like Top Gun in your group on a Wednesday then it will be fresh in your mind during the weekend message where they pull out biblical truths. This will give you a better opportunity to understand the truths and then apply them in your life.

*Note: If you get many unchurched people to check out your group for the series. I might recommend you just create an awesome movie night experience and don’t stress them writing biblical truths down. Let that come during week 5 of the group. Also, if they come to your group to watch a movie it is an easy invite for them to come to church and hear the weekend message.

Snacks, Movies and More…

We are leaving the details up to you to figure out! Here are some suggestions and details.

  • Movies: You can buy the movies that you don’t already have. I would suggest putting the ask out on Facebook to see who you can borrow the movie from since you are having a movie night. When they let you, INVITE them to check out your group.
  • Where do we watch it at?: You can use the regular place you generally have group or switch it up. You could move the meeting place for the series as well. Some options are to find a neutral community spot like your HOA building, apartment complex community room, a house for the series etc. You also have the option of reserving rooms at Pathway. BONUS IDEA: Grab a few Home Teams and get serious about inviting others to your group. Then ask me if I can reserve The Ballpark or Ignite Center for the groups and have an awesome group experience. Depending on the night and some other details we might be able to make this happen.
  • Snacks: This is all on you to be creative in building a welcoming environment. If I am inviting unconnected or unchurched people to my group then I would go big  on snacks. That may get them to accept the invite.
  • What night?: Continue to meet on your regular night or switch it up. The movies are generally 2 hours or a little less. Pick a Sunday night, Friday night, Saturday night or others if that works best. Do that for one meeting or the whole series. What will get the most people to your group?

Jarred, this just doesn’t work for our group…

I’d love for you to go to your group and explain the vision for this series to your group! Feel free to forward this email to them. Ask them to take a chance try it out. For some groups, this plan may not work for a variety of reasons. We still have an option for you. We will continue to produce the Home Team discussion guides and you can use them in your group. They will be on the website, on the app or paper copies like we normally have.

Either way, I hope you take this series and the new year as an opportunity to invite people to your group!

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!

– Jarred Peine

Jarred Peine
Cafe Lead and Home Team Director | Pathway Church Westlink Campus
Cell# 316 644 8846