If this all pans out as forecast — and I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be close — we’re going to have a low pressure system comparable to a hurricane develop over Kansas in the next 24 hours or so. Predicted central pressure of 972 millibars is lower than the usual threshold of 980mb for a Category 1 hurricane.

The effects of the developing low will be high winds (highest forecast in south central Kansas) and very heavy rain (most forecast in central & west central Kansas). Flood watches and high wind watches have been set by the National Weather Service.

Mark Larson’s web update this mornig contains one of the better summaries of the risk I’ve seen so far:

Here are the Situation Reports form NWS Wichita and Dodge City from this morning:


Due to illness, I won’t be doing a lot of coverage on this system. But I did want to let you know this is a situation that bears careful watching.


Turn Around, don't drown graphic.. Credit: NWS

Turn Around, don’t drown graphic.. Credit: NWS